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All Holly, All the Time

HollyMCombsFan - All Holly, All the Time
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HollyMCombsFan (hollymcombsfan) is a LiveJournal Fan Community dedicated to - the lovely and talented - Holly Marie Combs and is part of HollyMCombsFan. This community will bring you the latest news and updates, as well as images of Holly. Also, in here you will find various graphics made by your fellow Holly fans - such as icons, blends, wallpapers and signature banners. Feel free to a JOIN to browse these wonderful graphics, interact with your fellow Holly fans and be up-to-date on anything that regards to Holly.
HollyMCombsFan Network

Jaje (sweet_misery712), Nikki (elusion) and Molly (colour_mepurple)
About Holly Marie Combs
Prior to her starring role on CHARMED, Holly Marie Combs is perhaps best recognized for her work as Tom Skeritt and Kathy Baker's daughter in the critically acclaimed television drama series "Picket Fences."

Born in San Diego, CA, Combs moved with her family to New York when she was eight years old. Following in her mother's footsteps as an aspiring actress, she began her career working in television commercials and print advertisements at age 10. She won her first movie role by the time she was 13 years old, as Don Johnson and Susan Sarandon's daughter in the feature film "Sweet Hearts Dance."

Her big break came, however, at the age of 18 when she landed the role in "Picket Fences." Combs has worked extensively in television movies, encompassing an impressive range of starring roles, including her portrayal as the daughter of a murdered heiress in the fact-based "Daughters," killer Diane Zamora in "Love's Deadly Triangle: The Texas Cadet Murder" and a rape victim in "Sins of Silence," and showing off her comedic side, starred opposite Charisma Carpenter (Angel) in the ABC Family tele-film "See Jane Date," portraying a smalltime actress who makes it big through her affair with an A-list actor.

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Community Guidelines
- Must be a Holly Fan.
- No bashing on Holly or any other stuffs related to her will be tolerated. This is a fan community.
- Feel free to post any news/events/images related to Holly.
- News should be confirmed with a very reliable source.
- Obscene images are not allowed, this community and the site are open for all ages, and posting them will be inappropriate. No paparazzi images are allowed as well, we respect Holly's privacy and her wanting privacy, which those photographers don't think about.
- Feel free to post any fan made graphics (wallpapers, banners, blends and icons) under an LJ cut.
- Feel free to discuss anything with the fellow fans, but not at the point where the discussion ended up in fighting and attacking each other. We are different people, yes, but we are all Holly fans here, so at the very least try to be have a nice discussion as possible.
- Always make your post FRIENDS ONLY, this is a moderated community and open to those who are members only.
- Feel free to advertise a site or a community that is Holly related, but please do so in only one post.
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HollyMCombsFan - All Holly, All the Time

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